2 comments on “>Ten Years Ago: "Where’s Brooklyn?"

  1. >Thanks for the info. I have always wanted to know more about the building that I grew up in.I always kenew that it had some famous residents! There is a reference to Yonk Kling who lived below us in 3C in Fanks McCourts book!My mother still lives there! She is has been in the same apt since the 1050's!

    • The Montague “streetcar” was actually a cable car, the only cable car ever in Brooklyn.

      In this photo, the cable car line is on the left. I think that was the Bush Terminal of NY Dock Railway on the right.

      It was called the Brooklyn Heights Railway. Began 1891.

      Here’s an earlier view (1897) when it was active. Note the ferry terminal

      The Wall Street Ferry ran until 1912.

      The streetcar was converted to electricity and ran until May 18, 1924

      More images including a nice one of cable car going under the Hicks Street overpass can be seen here:

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