5 comments on “NYC Image Of The Day: Howard Johnson’s Times Square, 1959-2005

  1. Hi,

    I am an intern for a production company and we are interested in using one of the howard johnson images from your blog in our upcoming untitled cocktail documentary. I was wondering where you found the photo or if it is yours, what type of licensing terms/copyright you have on it.



  2. I believe that I have contacted you before about your inappropriate use of my photographs. Mine are the two photos of Howard Johnson’s near the top of the post. One is a night picture showing part of the HoJo neon sign with reflections on a Checker cab in the foreground. The other is shown smaller and located upper right, of the HoJo sign in daylight with pedestrians. I took the photos in the 1970s. The were posted on my Flickr site. You should have asked permission to use them, and you should have supplied proper photo credits. Perhaps i can get results if I contact your web host about your habit of taking other people’s stuff for your own use. I think the appropriate term is “stealing”.

    • Good morning Stephen — I apologize and meant no harm in using your photos. My blog was merely a pasttime and never made a dime. As you can see there are no ads on it. I will revise the post to give you credit… I am a journalist and the last thing I would want to do is “steal” another’s creative efforts. I am very sorry.
      Best regards-
      =Chuck Taylor=

  3. Thanks for the great post – my first visit to NY was in 1987 – the HoJo made an impression. I didn’t know it lasted as long as it did….These commercial vestiges are gone from Times Square – too bad for our cultural heritage.

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