3 comments on “Sheena Easton: The Singles Of 1987 | ‘No Sound But A Heart’

  1. Love your Sheena posts. As a long time fan I can appreciate all of the info and care you have put into this. Thanx!

  2. WHile this was not a great year for Sheena musically, her profile was never higher, with her much publicized role on Miami Vice and her initial Workout commercials.

    From what I understand, Sheena was actually planning on recording a fun, dance/pop album but got cold feet midway through the project when So Far So Good failed to make the top 40. This was an understandable reaction, as if any Sheena single deserved to be a smash it was that one. Apparently, radio programmers were resisting the idea of Sheena doing dance/r&b. If you watch any interviews from this period, she is rather defensive of anyone who questions a change in direction.

    So she scrapped, about four uptempo songs she recorded with Nick Martinelli, including a remake of “Young Hearts Run Free”, which I'm certain was fierce! She also scrapped “Shockwave” and a couple of other uptempo songs, one was already pressed as a follow-up single to “So Far So Good”.

    I didn't get to hear the album until a couple of years l later but I appreciated the change of pace and the focus on her vocals. Besides Eternity, which I think if it was given a chance it would have een a huge hit like Martika's collab with Prince. The real revelation was “No Ordinary Love” which showed off Sheena's fully developed lower register and was her most soulful vocal to date. Would have loved to see that worked to R& B radio, which was open to blue-eyed soul at the time.

    All in all an interesting year for Sheena, highlighted for me by US magazine which had an annual 'in and out” issue. “Out” was Madonna, “In” was Sheena. Not bad for a year without an album!

  3. Could you please post the writing credits for the No Sound but a Heart album? I can't find those anywhere and would like to update them at Discogs. :/ Thanks!

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