4 comments on “Sheena Easton: The Singles Of 1989 | ‘The Lover In Me’

  1. Man! I am just loving this series on Sheena! I'm amazed how much of her work I've forgotten about. She is so hot in these photos, too. So beautiful and talented. And that Don Johnson…he sure was cute. Love his wink in that clip.
    “The Lover In Me” album is not available on iTunes, sad to say. But I did got to YouTube and enjoy the songs there.
    Looking forward to the next installment.

  2. Probably more so than any other album, 'The Lover In Me” found Sheena ahead of the pop curve, instead of just behind it. The pairing of LA & Babyface was a forward thinking move by MCA and Sheena (they were on the top of both of their wish lists for producers). Originally, “The Lover In Me” album was going to be a full album written and produced by Prince. After getting three tunes in the can, including one never released titled after Sheena's first car “Jaguar”, the album was stalled due to Prince's busy schedule.

    La & Babyface were coming off two huge crossover hits when Sheena began working with them (“Girlfriend” , which Sheena woulda killed for, and “Rock Steady”) Then while MCA was prepping the album they exploded with hits from Bobby Brown, Paula Abdul, and Karyn White. So Sheena was in a fortunate position of working with the hottest up and coming producers of that moment.

    They also made a concerted effort to record an album that could be worked to r& b radio on its own merit. In fact, the album was actually worked to radio by the r&b dept, a first for Sheena. This explained why the single broke at r&b radio first (it actually stalled TWICE on the pop charts at its start which was scary for fan chart watchers.

    It aslo explains a weird practice of MCA's at the time to release the follow-up single and only work it to r&b radio (see Jody Watley's “Still A Thrill”). I guess the thinking was that while 'Lover In Me” was cooling down at pop radio, they would work Days Like This to r&b radio only, not even attempting to cross it over to pop. Bad move, as by the time they decided to work a follow-up to pop radio, (the amazing but unlike anything else on pop radio “101”, the momentum was gone)

    I think they should have went immediately with “No Deposit, No Return” as it was a sure-fire hit that was similar to “Lover” in funk, yet more pop than “Days”. In fact, it was originally slated to be the first single and album title, until a last minute decision to go with “Lover in Me”.

    I think the third single then should have been “One Love” which would have cemented the sexy siren sound at radio and opened the door for a more adventurous fourth single….which should have been a David Morales edit of “101” to pop radio and “Fire and Rain” to r&b (which I think would have been a number one ala “One More Try” for George Michael.

    But once again, poor Sheena had the wrong single choices being made for her, sabotaging her most potent album primed for superstar status. Such a shame.

    By the way, the label was prepping “Without You” as the fifth single if “Arms of Orion” went top ten. Now that would have been an interesting follow-up. I think “Arms failed because Prince was not a great ballad singer, in fact if this were a Sheena solo, it would have sounded amazing and garnered more attention at A?C radio.

    As an aside, this was also Sheena's most extensive tour and one of her best with choreography (Sheena doing the “Roger Rabbit!) and a killer gospel arrangement of “You Could Have Been With Me” which received standing o's each time i saw her.

    Once again, I can only imagine the coulda beens' had Sheena's album pushed her to superstar status…

  3. brilliant insight from ANONYMOUS! please tell me who you are!! i'd love to post this as an entry on the smoking nun… great great info that all sheena followers would love to see, not buried in the comments here. please email me at blueplanetpub@yahoo.com. thank you!! =chuck=

  4. Thank you, Chuck and Anonymous, for your reviews and insights to Sheena's music. You guys seem to have the inside scoop of what was happening. Too bad, her record company didn't have you to promote her albums. Looking forward to reading more about Sheena and her music from you.

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