3 comments on “Sheena Easton: The Singles Of 1991 | ‘What Comes Naturally’

  1. Where did you get the info that Prince contributed “Somebody” and “Manic Panic”. As far as the booklet says “Somebody” is written by Ian Prince and “Manic Panic” by Siedah Garrett & Ian Prince. Is “Ian” another pseudo for Prince like “Alexander Nevermind” or “Joey Coco”??? This was new to me. Listening to those tracks I don't believe they are by the “Symbol” Prince. Anyway WCN was on my plate since it came out and I totally agree with you on “To Anyone” – such a smash!!!

  2. To Anyone was my favourite off WCN. The album was a bit of a disappointment to me, really, as it was overproduced and sold too much of Sheena's sexy side and not enough of her vocals.

  3. Definitely agreed with you on this one — I enjoyed the single "What Comes Naturally," but I remember the first time I saw the video and thinking that Sheena was so much better than all the flex-your-boobs-to-the-camera shots in the video. She was too good to be aiming for Pebbles territory.

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